2018 Session

2018 Session | Seminars & Mini-Seminars

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The Program

In an intensive six-week course of study, faculty members and graduate students from around the world, in the humanities and social sciences, explore recent developments in critical theory. The 2018 Session is scheduled for June 17 – July 26.

Participants work with the SCT’s core faculty of distinguished scholars and theorists in one of four six-week seminars. Each faculty member offers, in addition, a public lecture and a colloquium (based on an original paper) which are attended by the entire group.

The program also includes mini-seminars taught by scholars who visit for shorter periods. Finally, throughout the six weeks, distinguished theorists visit the SCT as lecturers.

The 2018 Faculty

Six-Week Seminars

Eduardo Cadava – “Genealogies of Memory and Perception: Literature and Photography”
Peter Gordon – “Adorno’s Aesthetic Theory”
Heather Love – “Reading the Social World: Observation, Description, Interpretation”
Tracy McNulty – “Intersubjective Acts: Psychoanalysis and Politics”


Veena Das – “Ordinary Ethics and Its Critics”
Bernard E. Harcourt – “Toward a Critical Practice”
Samuel Moyn – “American War”
Avital Ronell – “Trauma Zone – Falling Apart in Literature & Philosophy”

Visiting Guest Lecturers

Homi Bhabha – “Statelessness and Death: Reflections on the Burdened Life”
Paul Fleming – “The Politics of Anecdotes”
Alondra Nelson – “Moral Institutions and Racial Reconciliation after the Genome”
Sari Nusseibeh – “Sound Minds”