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Q. I have all my application materials ready but am still waiting for my letters of recommendation.  Can I submit my application now and add the letters once they arrive?

A. Yes, if you are simply waiting for your letters of recommendation, we encourage you to go ahead and upload your application materials while you wait for your letters to arrive.  You will be able to add your letters of recommendation to the application site up until the February 1 deadline.

Q. I am currently a graduate student.  Which transcripts do you require?
A. Please submit a complete current graduate transcript.  If you are a Ph.D. candidate with a master’s degree, you may also include your master’s transcript if you wish.  You should upload your transcript(s) to your online application as an “Additional Document.”  We accept unofficial transcripts.

Q. Should I send a copy of my application by regular mail?
A. There is no need to send a hard copy of your application by regular mail.  Only online applications will be reviewed.

Q. How can the matching funds confirming letter be submitted?
A.  You should upload the confirming letter to your online application as an “Additional Document.”

Q. I am a non-US citizen. How do presidential executive orders on immigration affect my chances of attending SCT?
A. SCT welcomes applicants of all nationalities and does not give priority to any nationality when making admissions decisions. International scholars should consult see Global Cornell’s informational webpage regarding executive actions and statements relating to immigration and travel bans.