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Hent de Vries is the Paulette Goddard Professor of the Humanities and Professor of Religion, German, and Comparative Literature at New York University, a position he accepted in Fall 2017. Previously, he was Director of the Humanities Center at Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore. Since 2002, he has held a joint appointment as Professor in the Humanities Center and the Department of Philosophy. Since October 2007, he holds the Russ Family Chair in the Zanvyl Krieger School of Arts and Science.

Before joining the faculty at Johns Hopkins, de Vries held the Chair of Metaphysics and Its History in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Amsterdam (1993–2002), where he remains a Regular Visiting Professor of Systematic Philosophy and the Philosophy of Religion. He was a co-founder of the Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis (ASCA) and served as the Director of its governing board (1994–1998) and its Scientific Director (1998–2004).

From May 2007 through June 2013, Hent de Vries was Directeur de Programme at the Collège International de Philosophie, in Paris. From September 2012 through January 2013, he was a Visiting Professor in the Council of the Humanities and a Stewart Fellow in the Department of German at Princeton University. In 2012, he was further appointed as a Distinguished Visiting Professor at the Faculty of Humanities of the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, where he teaches regular intensive, three-week-long seminars in the Department of Comparative Religion as well as under the auspices of the European Forum, which coordinates and initiates matters related to European Studies at the Hebrew University for the Faculties of Social Sciences, Humanities, and Law.

His principal publications include: Philosophy and the Turn to Religion (Johns Hopkins UP, 1999, 2000), Religion and Violence: Philosophical Perspectives from Kant to Derrida (Johns Hopkins UP, 2002, 2006), and Minimal Theologies: Critiques of Secular Reason in Theodor W. Adorno and Emmanuel Levinas (Johns Hopkins UP, 2005). Most recently, he published Kleine Filosofie van het Wonder [Philosophy of the Miracle: A Short Introduction] (Boom Publishers, 2014).

He is the editor of Religion Beyond a Concept (Fordham UP, 2008). Among the volumes he has co-edited are: with Lawrence E. Sullivan, Political Theologies: Public Religions in a Post-Secular World (Fordham UP, 2006); with Samuel Weber, Religion and Media (Stanford UP, 2001) and Violence, Identity, and Self-Determination (Stanford UP, 1998); with Henri A. Krop and Arie L. Molendijk, Post-Theism: Reframing the Judeo-Christian Tradition (Peeters, 2000); and, with Willemien Otten and Arjo Vanderjagt, How the West Was Won: Essays on the Literary Imagination, the Canon and the Christian Middle Ages for Burcht Pranger (Brill, 2010). He is also the co-editor, with Ward Blanton, of Paul and the Philosophers (Fordham University Press, 2013), and, with Nils F. Schott, of Human Alert: Concepts and Practices of Love and Forgiveness (forthcoming from Columbia UP, 2014).

Currently, he is completing several book-length studies, including a trilogy on the subject and politics of global religion in an age of new media. The volumes’ planned titles are Of Miracles, Events, and Special Effects; Miracle Workers of the Eleventh Hour; and Out of the Ordinary: Moral Perfectionism, Religion, and the Case for Deep Pragmatism. Two further studies, entitled Instances in the Literatures of Time, and Spiritual Exercises: Concepts and Practices, respectively, are in preparation.

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